A feast of words by Adiko and Jbee

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A feast of words by Adiko and Jbee

Post by ezege » Wed Oct 18, 2017 6:42 am

..Believe me,what you are about to read is a very very very long one,I do hope you don't find it boring.
Your smile is the aim of this,do smile when you are done.
📝📝 October Twenty Seventeen.
Yesterday, I called a feast
A feast of words it was
Jbee,my brother chaired it
Little did we know
It was just a preface
Tomorrow, yet another day
But not any day
The real feast,the crux
It will be remembered,generations after generations
It is wise therefore
To invite every man
Jbee gave me the green
Now I must;
Essy Dove,Miss
Nwanyi Mara mma
The oyibo man told us ladies first
Come along with your friends Ma
Practice tonight, for you shall sway those hips
Princess,so I call you
Pardon me if I am rude
#Buchi Okeke,Mr
Your achievements herald your arrival always
Don't bother eating tonight
For tomorrow we shall reward your hard work,
I hear you drink only with Elephant tusks,
I and Jbee can...
#Ubaka Chijioke,Mr
You were a hero
Long before you crawled even
I trust you know what to come with,
Be in your best,
Ladies will abound,just the type you like
It will be a feast, like never before
Jbee and I can
#Cech Fagafuoluchkwu,Mr
When gods are addressed, heads must be bowed
Trust me,mine is now
I beg you tolerate my stupidity
Come with your friends,
But I doubt gods have friends,
Jbee you think so?
#Ezeanochie Johnbosco
Ogaranya m ji aba
You are the brain behind this,
Yet I must invite you,
Come along with your ogene,
The one Nene gave you last Nkwor
Don't bother brother
I will herald your arrival with my best lines
#Melvi Pascal
I hear you have done what no mortal can
If I call you Agu,I am not mistaken
It is my pleasure to invite you,
It will be an honour if you come
#Cruz Bazy
Your strength of character is legendary
Tomorrow I will ensure you have ten jars...
Come along too,
Your presence scares ajo mmuo
#Peter Callistus
To this feast,I humbly invite you,
Not because I can
But because you are worthy
Jbee consulted the gods of Ogirisi
They said your presence is golden
#Nzube Muokwue
Brothers don't invite each other,
Your role in my life is great
I will carve your name on every maiden's back,
Come along my brother,
You are invited too
#Chibuzo Kenneth Junior ,
Your strength is double Amalinze's
Come along,Odogwu ka Ibu
I know nit wits will be there,
Your presence will be red terror to them
#Stanley Okoye
Usman,so you are called
Come along...
Dan Fodio,that legend
I know you are greater
You are invited brother,
#Cordis Mmuo
Tomorrow I will introduce you as my queen
Come along my dear
Your beauty will make Amalinze shiver,
I take pride in you,please do come
#Iyke Sonia
Jbee I haven't told you?
She is the lucky one,stole my heart
Your place is rightly beside Zeus
Yet fate found me worthy
Come,you are invited,
This feast,i and Jbee
#Cruzitta Kennie
Tall as Moremi,that Yoruba Legend
Come,your smiles will scare the rains
Do honour this invitation
To this feast...
#Frank Charles
Forgive me if I am inviting so late
You are worthy of ten laurels
I respect you a lot,
Come along,be in your best
Don't forget that gait,it makes ajo mmuo shiver too
#Alberto Morando,Roderigo Casper
I hear your kinsmen have a feast too
Mana diokpala can attend two,
Therefore I invite you,
Leave your stomachs empty,
Jbee and I,we are equal to the task
#Ebube Okeke,Bibi Chioms II,
Your names alone make me smile
Pardon me if I describe you as goddesses
Umu ejima,I heard some call you
Do come along,apply your nzu well
Practice, you will sway those hips for us
This feast, you are invited
Romanus Lilian Stephanie ,
Asa,you are beautiful
Please do come,
I hear your heels don't touch the ground,
Come along...
#Umeh Genny Love,Ezeofor Chinaza
Princesses you are
Tenacious ladies
Come along too,you are invited
Jennifer Mmuotoo,Favour Ifeanyi
In this thing we call profession,
You are worthy of the crown
Come along,Jbee will love to meet you
I know some will climb trees,even the sacred ogirisi
But don't blame,your beauty draws all
#Cleopautra Osele
Tough and beautiful, a rare gift
Come along,I take pride in your being
And so I have done as ordered,
Pardon me if I failed to invite you here
Mmadu bukwanu mmadu
October twenty seventeen,
The month of the feast,
I and Jbee,
Clear your doubts,
Yes,we can.
Thank you for your patient reading.
Hope you are smiling?
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