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    Biafra Free State
    Welcome to the Government of Biafra Free State
    World Wide Web Service
    The Biafra Free State World Wide Web Services provides public access to information about the Nation of Biafra, its People, Organizations and general information of the Country.

    Formally recognized by the Republic of Gabon, Haiti, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Zambia. Other nations which provide support and assistance to the Republic of Biafra included Israel, France, Portugal, Rhodesia and South Africa.


    Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu
    30.5.1967 – 8.1.1970

    General Obong Philip Effiong
    8.1.1970 – 12.1.1970


    30 May 1967

    Fellow countrymen and women, you, the people of Eastern Nigeria:

    Conscious of the supreme authority of Almighty God over all mankind, of your duty to yourselves and posterity;

    Aware that you can no longer be protected in your lives and in your property by any Government based outside Eastern Nigeria;

    Believing that you are born free and have certain inalienable rights which can best be preserved by yourselves;

    Unwilling to be unfree partners in any association of a political or economical nature;

    Rejecting the authority of any person or persons other than the Military Government of Eastern Nigeria to make any imposition of
    whatever kind or nature upon you;

    Determined to dissolve all political and other ties between you and the former Federal Republic of Nigeria;

    Prepared to enter into such association, treaty or alliance with any sovereign state within the former Federal Republic of Nigeria and
    elsewhere on such terms and conditions as best to subserve your common good;

    Affirming your trust and confidence in me;

    Having mandated me to proclaim on your behalf, and in your name, that Eastern Nigeria be a sovereign independent Republic,

    Now, therefore, I, Lieutenant-Colonel Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, Military Governor of Eastern Nigeria, by virtue of the authority, and pursuant to the principles, recited above, do hereby solemnly proclaim that the territory and region known as and called Eastern Nigeria together with her continental shelf and territorial waters shall henceforth be an independent sovereign state of the name and title of “The Republic of Biafra”. And I do declare that-

    i. all political ties between us and the Federal Republic of Nigeria are hereby totally dissolved;

    ii. all subsisting contractual obligations entered into by the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria or by any person, authority or organization or government acting on its behalf, with any person, authority or organization operating, or relating to any matter
    or thing, within the Republic of Biafra, shall henceforth be deemed to be entered into with the Military Governor of the Republic of Biafra
    for and on behalf of the Government and people of the republic of Biafra, and the covenants thereof shall, subject to this Declaration,
    be performed by the parties according to their tenor;

    iii. all subsisting international treaties and obligations made on behalf of eastern Nigeria by the Government of the Federal Republic of
    Nigeria, shall be honoured and respected;

    iv. Eastern Nigeria’s due share of all subsisting international debits and obligations entered into by the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on behalf of the Federation of Nigeria shall be honoured and respected;

    v. steps will be taken to open discussions of the question of Eastern Nigeria’s due share of the assets of the Federation of Nigeria and
    personal properties of the citizens of Biafra throughout the Federation of Nigeria;

    vi. the rights, privileges, pensions, etc. of all personnel of the Public Services, the Armed Forces and the Police now serving in any
    capacity within the Republic of Biafra, are hereby guaranteed;

    vii. we shall keep the door open for association with, and would welcome, any sovereign unit or units in the former Federation of
    Nigeria or in any other parts of Africa desirous of association with us for the purposes of running a common services organization and for the establishment of economic ties;

    viii. we shall protect the lives and property of all foreigners residing in Biafra; we shall extend the hand of friendship to those
    nations who respect our sovereignty, and shall repell any interference in our internal affairs;

    ix. we shall faithfully adhere to the charter of the Organization of African Unity and of the United Nations Organization;

    x. It is our intention to remain a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations in our right as a sovereign, independent nation.

    Long live the Republic of Biafra!
    And may God protect all who live in her!

    International Recognition

    “… the Biafrans have now suffered the same kind of rejection within their state that the Jews of Germany experienced…. We therefore recognize the State of Biafra as an independent sovereign entity, and as a member of the community of nations.”

    Julius Nyerere, former President of Tanzania

    Reaffirmation of Original Biafra Declaration:

    The Declaration of Biafra Independence 30 May 1967

    A Recommittal to the Declaration of Biafra Independence 30 May 2007

    Fellow Biafrans:

    Forty years following the original declaration of Biafra Independence, we Biafrans rise today to re-commit ourselves to this noble declaration, its spirit, substance and implications, our Independence being our right and our destiny, and a manifestation and symbolism of our Freedom and Liberty.

    Those forty years have validated the wisdom and propriety of the declaration of Biafra Independence: these forty years do now compel the re-actualization of Independent Biafra.

    Having witnessed and experienced, all these years, the unrelenting stranglehold of Nigeria on Biafra;

    Unwilling to continue to suffer under the pernicious polices of Nigeria against Biafra and Biafrans;

    Certain that a future under Nigeria, based on past and present facts and realities, does not exist for us Biafrans, except as exploited and dehumanized slaves rendered worthless as human beings;

    Understanding that, in any case, Nigeria is a failed State barely kept going by mocking and unconscionable patronization by outside Stakeholder-Powers and Principalities; and refusing to allow ourselves to be throttled and dragged down with Nigeria;

    Now, therefore, we, the people and Nation of Biafra, do DECLARE THAT:

    (i) We re-affirm the original declaration of the Independence of Biafra

    (ii) We are taking charge of our own collective Destiny as an Independent Sovereign Nation of Biafra

    (iii) We undertake the actualizing of Independent Biafra as a natural task to claim a Natural right

    (iv) We know that the Law and Rules of civil Humanity are on our side: Self Determination is an inalienable Natural right; it is recognized in the United Nations Charter; we exercise this right to actualize Independent Biafra.

    In making and re-affirming this declaration, we make neither war, nor peace, with Nigeria: we merely exercise our right as a people and a nation, which is our prerogative, and of which there is plenty of precedence. It is our desire to enter into negotiations with Nigeria to resolve “negotiables” peacefully.

    An Independent Biafra restores stability and security to the region, allowing the people and their environment to heal and finally to thrive, while at the same time, creating a favourable climate for International business and commerce.

    An Independent Biafra is a fresh infusion of Hope for Africa which we are determined to turn into fulfilment for all.

    Long live the Independent Nation of Biafra!

    And may God continue to protect her and all those who live in her.


    5 February 2013

    On May 30th 1967 , the Eastern National Consultative Assembly led by Dr. Alvan Ikoku, mandated His Excellency General Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu to declare the then Eastern Nigeria, the Republic of Biafra. General Ojukwu took up the challenge and declared the Republic of Biafra on that historic day. On July 6th 1967, the whole world declared a war of genocide against the Biafran people, with some Islamic fundamentalist like Usman Katsina boasting that Biafra would be liquidated in 24 hours.

    That 24 hours later became a long three years of Biafran struggle to emancipate the entire black race from the yoke of white colonialism, racism and hatred. By 1970 over 3 million Biafrans in defence of their country and freedom had paid the supreme sacrifice with their lives.

    On November 5th 2012, at Coal Camp Enugu, the Biafra Zionist Movement took up that challenge once again and renewed that original mandate of May 30th 1967 and re-declared the Independence and the Sovereignty of the Republic of Biafra. The Biafra Zionist Movement visited the old wound that prompted Emeka Ojukwu to act and that was the near attempt by the Muslim North and Obafemi Awolowo to campaign openly for the annihilation of the Ibo race. The BZM reclaimed the independence of the Republic of Biafra on two compelling grounds/factors namely:

    That it is now abundantly clear that the Security of life and Property of the Biafran people are no longer safe and quaranteed in the entity called Nigeria and therefore on November 5th the Biafran people resolved to re-declare their independence based on the May 30th 1967 Mandate that was vested on Emeka Ojukwu by the leadership of the Rep of Biafra in order to quarantee the security and the survival of the Biafran people according to International law.

    2. That it is also very clear that the Biafran peoples right to freely worship their God according to their Christian faith is no longer guaranteed and safe in the entity called Nigeria and therefore on November 5th 2012, the Biafran people resolved to opt out of Nigeria in order that the Biafran people could be given protection under the United Nations Convention on the freedom of worship and Association.

    On that November 5th the Biafran people accomplished that objective and for the first time the news about Biafra was aired on the International Network, television, Radio, Internet, Facebook around the world. It was a remarkable achievement by the Biafran people and they deserve to be thanked for their stoicism and sacrifice. With the above, the inauguration of the Biafran government is now slated for February 20th 2013 here in our Coal City Capital Enugu.

    The whole world will witness the rising of the sun backed up by Mount Zion and nothing shall prevent us from forming a government of National Unity that will propel our country to the apogee of International Politics.

    We believe that we have the support of the USA, the EU, Israel and the International Community because for a very long time our people have been openly told that they are not wanted in Nigeria and it is for us to make that arrangement to be independent so that we can secure the live and property of our people as it is done else where in the world.

    The near attempt by the North to dance with Islamising the Biafran people through the activities of the Boko Haram is a fatal mistake they will live to regret. The Repubic of Biafra will be progressive, strong, democratic and forward looking and will be joining the International Community to foster peace and economic empowerment to all the peoples of the world.

    The Nigeria State has failed to provide for security of life of the Biafran people, so it is a challenge that we will assume from February 20th 2013 .

    What Biafra will do for its People

    HOPE: Since 15th January 1970 , the people of Biafra have been pressed to the wall. As the SLANG was read out by the coward Yakubu Gowon that the war was a draw through the famous No Victor No Vanquish, but behind the scene plans were adopted that will make the Ibos especially to pay for simply defending themselves against the attempt to annihilate them from the surface of the earth. Obafemi Awolowo came up with economic strangulation of Biafra by adopting the 20 Pounds policy in order to keep the remnant of Biafrans at the lower end of the economic ladder.

    Since 1970, our people are being reminded of the defeat they suffered at the hands of the world led by the British government. Our environment is been destroyed on daily basis because of Oil and our people are being killed daily because of the taste of the Nigeria State quest for Oil.

    The lack of Hope and prejudicial policies of the Nigeria State since 1970 has dragged a lot of citizens into all sorts of ways in order to find their daily bread. But the assurance from now is that the Rep of Biafra from Feb 20th will restore our lost hope and put in place a government that will respect and support it’;s citizens to achieve whatever they want to do in the world. Biafra will be a beacon of hope for the aggrieved people of Biafra and give hope and opportunity to all its citizens.


    The Biafran government will establish a very sound economic system that will be based on individualism. The market will determine what action the government will take. We will not interfere or prejudice any individual who wants to make or invent anything that will enhance the economic well being of the state.

    The government of Biafra will support individual and help to attract foreign investors into our country to create jobs for our people. The days when our University graduates will become Keke NAPEP Riders or Okada Riders after graduating from their Universities will go. Our graduates will be economically agile and active after their University course. The government will encourage individual investors and open up international trade that will make Biafra an international player in the world.


    The Oil some will argue has been a cause on us instead of a blessing. To some extent it is true because since the end of the war, the oil has been the main source of Nigeria revenue providing almost 95% of our foreign earning revenue. This blind policy by the Hausa Fulani/ Yoruba Axis has led all other industries to die. For instance the Palm Oil and Cashew industry which was the back bone of the economy of the then Eastern Region have been allowed to die. Nigeria today is importing cooking oil from Malaysia which is a shame.

    The Malays came to the then Eastern Region in 1953 and took the palm Kernel to their country for plantation. Today Malaysia is one of the largest exporters of the Palm crude to the world earning the country Billions of dollars in foreign earnings.

    The Biafran government is going to restore our Cash Crop industry the Palm Oil and Cashew Industry and all other industries that have been allowed to die in Nigeria . Biafra would not be dependent on the Oil for its survival any longer. We are going to diversify into Human Resources Capabilities in order to be self reliant and not on oil all year round.

    The Japanese economy is built on man power, human intelligence, hard work and patriotism. Let those opposed to Biafra be made aware that Biafra will be a country of Human Resource and not on Oil. We will also support our Universities and scientist to come up with inventions that shall build upon to the service of all man kind.


    Since 1970 Education in Biafra has collapsed because of the policies of the Nigeria govern to stiffen the strength of the Biafran people. Before Biafra was declared education was the crown jewel of the Biafran people. But today if Biafrans don’t sell their lands their children could not afford to attend Higher Institutions any more. Our entire education under Nigeria has collapsed. School fees are higher compare to other parts of Nigeria . If they struggle to attend up to University level, no jobs when they finish resulting if not as traders, but kidnappers, Okada riders or Keke NAPEP.

    The Biafra government that shall be formed in February is going to restore our educational system. There will be free education from Nursery to University. School teachers would be well paid and schools shall have well equipped computer labs so that our children would be equipped to compete with their American European, Israeli, Chinese and Japanese counterparts. Biafra would be the mother of Education rom Feb 20th 2013 .


    The Rep of Biafra will be a land of opportunities for all provided that you work hard. In Biafra there would be no majority nor minority. A tiv man will have the same right as Ijaw. Ogoni man will be the same as Igala man. Ibo as Efik and Urhobo as Ibibio. No one will buy power or influence in Biafra . Neither can you organize political tugs to intimidate or harass your opponents. Freedom of the expression shall be up held.

    The press will have the freedom to print what they consider to be in the interest of the state. Individuals will have every right to express themselves in any way they feel. No Police brutality, No security force brutality, but all must respect the law and allow the security agents to protect our country.




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